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The 3 People You Need to Focus on to Become More Successful

What’s the secret to success?

Ask that question, and you might as well be asking, “What’s the best way to make tea?” There will be no one set answer.

That’s because success is extremely personal. It depends on the specific preferences, history, goals, dreams and character of the individual.

"So, are you up for success? Be careful what you wish for because, with the right attitude and strategy, you just might get it."

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Even the definition of success may differ from one person to another, from one school of management to another. Some people might define it as the accumulation of riches and wealth.  Some crave fame and recognition. Others look forward to becoming their own boss and enjoying a life of freedom. You might see success as the perfect integration between your personal and professional goals.

But here is the thing: These highly diverse worldviews actually share a lot more in common than what you might think. These commonalities are the factors that, when you spend some time studying the ways and lives of the most successful people around, are more or less present in their journey.

You might want to think of these factors as personas that represent an important component of life and work. If you want to become successful, you it may serve you well to be paying attention and focusing on these three people:

Your current self. 

Take time to launch a serious self-assessment. Be honest about what you are good at, and not. Know what’s important and what’s not in your life right now. Be real about your place in the world at the moment.

The first step to success is to get to know yourself - that's one thing that most successful people have: a strong sense of self-awareness.

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Your future self.

Now that you have a solid idea of who you are right now, the next step is to discover and be very clear about the kind of person you want to be at a set time in the future. In 1, 2 or 5 years, what do you want to achieve? Be specific—if you’re a manager now, will you be promoted to a higher position, running your own business, resigned or retired? Some people call it envisioning the end result, and then tracing the path backwards to know the steps you need to take.

The most successful people in the world become even more successful when they share their time, material wealth, talent, and their ideas.

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Other people.

Your journey to success doesn’t belong within a vacuum. It’s affected, whether you like it or not, by the people around you and your relationship with them, by the events that happen in your industry, your community and the society in general. As you build self-awareness and work on improving yourself, you’ll find that you start to acquire your goals one by one. In other words, you start to become “successful.” 

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