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For every 10 memberships sold, 1 is donated to a manager working within a not for personal profit/ third sector organisation for whom, paying the commercial rate is not an option.  

Email: support@themanagershelpfulhub.co.uk with a little about yourself and the work you do to register for the next available sponsored membership.

We look forward to helping you and your organisation out. 

Hi, I am Irene Conlin, the founder of The Managers Helpful Hub. 

We go about providing a cost effect, practical and somewhat unique service that helps managers improve their skills so they, and the people around them, have better lives at work.   

Who wouldn't want that!

Why Create The Managers Helpful Hub?

In the last 20 years I had seen first hand the positive impact my work had on businesses, the people running them and the people employed by them.  

I wanted people who care about their work and the people around them, to access useful resources and get private coaching to help them implement any changes into their own set of circumstances.  All for a reasonable fee and on a timeframe that fits in with a busy life.  

Here are some results achieved by people I have worked with:

  • Improved confidence and skills to recruit, manage and develop people in their team. 
  • Have team identify and deliver business improvement projects generating c£250K of savings.
  • X7 times return on investment of fees achieved within weeks.
  • Built a team that became local and national business award winners.
  • Increased employee satisfaction rates within businesses - up 24%.
  • Developed boring jobs into ones team members are happy to get out of bed for. 
  • Have regular family time rather than putting in extra hours at work.

Nice Things People Have Said


Our recruitment costs were slashed.  Within a few minutes of bouncing around ideas, Irene gave us a process that saved the business £'s and made things easier.


Jeff Hall



I turned my membership fees into a x7 return on investment in weeks.  Although the extra money was great, it was going through the process in one of the membership resources that has re-energised me into now looking forward with excitement to my work


Anne Moore



With Irene's help and guidance I was able to work through replacing people.  I now have the skills to recruit, manage and development my team which makes mine, and my MD's, life easier. 


Jackie Winship

Office Manager

How I Can Be Helpful To You?

Management Support & Your Management Development on Subscription 

"It's like having YOUR VERY OWN professional and savvy HR and personal development coach on hand to help you build a dream team that makes work a lot easier and better for everyone"