About – The Managers Helpful Hub

Hi, I'm Irene Conlin founder of The Managers Helpful Hub. 

We go about providing a cost effective, practical and somewhat unique service that helps managers to have a better, often richer life at work.

Who wouldn't want that! 

Why Create The Managers Helpful Hub?

In the last 20 years I had seen first hand the positive impact my work had on businesses, the people running them and the people employed by them.  

I wanted people who have a desire to get more from their life at work to access useful resources and get private coaching to help them implement changes into their own set of circumstances.  All for a reasonable fee and on a timeframe that fits in with a busy life.  

Here are some results achieved by people I have worked with:

  • Improved confidence and skills to recruit, manage and develop people in their team. 
  • Have team identify and deliver business improvement projects generating c£250K of savings.
  • X7 times return on investment of fees achieved within weeks.
  • Built a team that became local and national business award winners.
  • Increased employee satisfaction rates within businesses - up 24%.
  • Developed boring jobs into ones team members are happy to get out of bed for. 
  • Have regular family time rather than putting in extra hours at work.

Nice Things People Have Said


Our recruitment costs were slashed.  Within a few minutes of bouncing around ideas, Irene gave us a process that saved the business £'s and made things easier.


Jeff Hall



I turned my membership fees into a x7 return on investment in weeks.  Although the extra money was great, it was going through the process in one of the membership resources that has re-energised me into now looking forward with excitement to my work


Anne Moore



With Irene's help and guidance I was able to work through replacing people.  I now have the skills to recruit, manage and development my team which makes mine, and my MD's, life easier. 


Jackie Winship

Office Manager

How I Can Be Helpful To You?

People Management Support & Your Management Development on Subscription 

"It's like having YOUR VERY OWN professional and savvy HR and personal development coach on hand to help you build a dream team that makes work a lot easier and more profitable"