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a couple of years ago

Are You Trying Too Hard To Be A Good Boss?

Hello! Irene here, and today I am going to share something I’ve noticed over the many years working with business owners.

Many of them try too hard to be a “good boss”, meaning a boss liked by the employees, rather than an effective boss, or one who sets and enforces standards and procedures in order to create maximum possible profits or the best working environment for everyone.

I find even ex-service tough guys who are pretty ruthless in other aspects of their business soft as a baby’s skin when it comes to managing the people they pay every year.

Some come up with fear statements, like “If I insist she does that, she’ll quit," or statements like, “My people just won’t do that.”

So improvements and innovation don’t get integrated into the businessjust in case an employee gets upset by it.

I hereby give you permission to behave in a sane manner as a business owner toward your employees and within The Managers Helpful Hub, we offer youhonest and practical guidance for doing so.

Irene Conlin

I founded The Managers Helpful Hub to help the courageous people who decide to employ people! I love the North of England, especially the coast and spend time cruising around the world on nice ships enjoying wonderful food, drinks and conversations.