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10 months ago

Are You Trying Too Hard To Be A Good Boss?

 Hello! Irene here, and today I am going to share something I’ve noticed over the many years working with business owners.​​Many of them try too hard to be a “good boss”, meaning a boss liked by the employees, rather than an effective boss, or one who sets and enforces standards and procedures in order to create maximum possible […]

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11 months ago

How Employee Sunk Costs Can Hold Your Business Back.

Hello! Irene here, and today I am going to talk about “sunk costs” and how I see the concept in action when it comes to having employees.​​​A  sunk cost is a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered.​​​I see sunk costs from an economic perspective, as well as the less considered emotional and energetic perspectives.​​I […]

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Ever had the thought “should I be disciplining him/her over this?”

The purpose of the disciplinary procedure is to encourage employees to achieve and maintain the required standards of conduct at work and even in well-run businesses, it may sometimes be necessary to take disciplinary action against employees. It’s crucial that you have written disciplinary rules and procedures. If problems do arise, these procedures should help dissuade […]

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