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Basics to Consider Before Adding More People to the Payroll

More people working for you means more budget.

Generally more budget begets more power. But more power isn't a good reason to employ more people!

The key metric is productivity, and more people can cause productivity to drop.

Here's how to start thinking about it.

Being Busy Is Not a Good Reason For More People.

This is a common mistake : if my people say they are busy, I need more people.


Yes, a high level of busy-ness will usually precede the need for more people... but it is not the sole criteria. It's not even an important criteria. 

If we make it the sole criteria, we incentivise people to complain about how busy they are. Separate from the time it takes away from work to complain, complaints about being busy are always made by those who aren't as highly effective. 

People who are highly effective don't complain about being busy. They get stuff done without wasting their time (and ours) talking about getting stuff done. And very often will tell you, sure, I have time to do more.

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Irene Conlin

I founded The Managers Helpful Hub to help the courageous people who decide to employ people! I love the North of England, especially the coast and spend time cruising around the world on nice ships enjoying wonderful food, drinks and conversations.

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