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How Small Business Owners Unknowingly Squander Their Hard Earned Profits!

With a 30 year history of working in the construction sector, this ebook contains a collection of 34 ways we have seen employers unknowingly hemorrhaging profits from the business.  Have a read and see just how many are active in your business right now.  

A Few Headlines:

  • The True Nature of the Employer - Employee Relationship
  • Understanding the Two Most Critical Management Questions
  • How We Saved A Client £20K in 2 minutes!
  • Spotting Activity Masquerading As Accomplishment
  • How Staff Should Communicate With You About Problems

Take just a few key points and watch your profits, people and freetime grow.

No email address needed.  If you like what you read, our website is here and our contact details are in the ebook.  Enjoy.

Just read a short but powerful book.  If you own or run a business then this is a real eye opener!  I can't recommend it enough. I could relate to every single page.  40 pages of just pure business common sense brilliance!"

Carl Yeomanson - Managing Director/Owner - Plumbing & Gas Solutions Ltd.