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How Small Business Employers Unknowingly Squander Their Hard Earned Profits!

What Is It?

An ebook containing a collection of 34 ways we have seen employers (of between 1 and 50 people) unknowingly hemorrhaging profits from the business.

A Few Headlines

  • The True Nature of the Employer - Employee Relationship
  • Understanding the Two Most Critical Management Questions
  • How We Saved A Client £20K in 2 minutes!
  • Spotting Activity Masquerading As Accomplishment
  • How Staff Should Communicate With You About Problems

Why Do You Need It?

Being a business owner is to be highly commended. Without people like you, millions of people in the country would not have an income.

But let me ask you a simple question.  Are you in business to make money and provide an income for yourself and your family?

If you are, then you will need to make profits and not put yourself in an early grave in the doing so!

Employing people is likely to be one (if not THE) highest spends you make in your business.

​On the bright side – that means a MASSIVE amount of potential to make better use of the investment.

Since 2008 we have been helping the owners of businesses to grow and become more profitable.  9 times out of 10 this can be done through the people you employ.

So buy the ebook and read on for our thoughts on the “people” side of your business and how it relates to profit.  

We are probably going to present new ways of looking at things you have not considered before.

If you have just one light bulb moment and take action on it then this book will have served its purpose.

Having employees is such a huge responsibility. Not to be taken lightly, but in the cold light of day we see that you require employees for 2 reasons:

  • to make a profit from having them
  • to make your life easier (i.e. cook, cleaner, chauffeur, etc)

Whichever is most relevant to you, you will benefit from the insights we share in this book.

This is not a story book but a collection of ideas that come from our own experience, the experiences and results (good and bad) of the business owners and directors we have worked with and also from our interpretation of the contents of some books written by successful business people.

Primarily, this is written for business “owners”, you’ll see why when you buy it. However, Managing Directors and Directors will also benefit, providing, we think, they are tied into a reward package based upon business performance or simply want to excel in the results they deliver.

Do yourself a favour, register below for your own free copy and set aside 60 minutes.  Get your tipple of choice, turn off all your electronic distractions and start reading.  Make notes of your own insights into what you could be doing differently to make your life as an employer easier and more profitable for the business.  

Curious To Know If We Know Our Stuff?

Results achieved by people we've worked with:

  • Improved confidence and skills to recruit, manage and develop people in their team. 
  • Have team identify and deliver business improvement projects generating c£250K of savings.
  • Helped owners to prepare for profitable business sale.
  • Grew profit contributions adding over £100K for available dividend.
  • Implemented redundancies and contract terminations respectfully with no costly or time consuming tribunal claims.
  • Built a team that became local and national business award winners.
  • Created 500% business growth whilst increasing profit contributions.
  • Developed boring jobs into ones team members are happy to get out of bed for. 
  • Increased employee satisfaction rates within businesses - up 24%.
  • Have regular family time rather than putting in extra hours at work.

What People Say

Just read a small but powerful book by The Employer Toolbox.  Honestly, if you own or run a business then this book is a real eye opener! I can't recommend it enough.  I could relate to every single page.  40 pages of just pure business common sense brilliance!"

Carl Yeomanson
Managing Director/Owner - Plumbing & Gas Solutions Ltd