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a couple of years ago

Ever had the thought “should I be disciplining him/her over this?”

The purpose of the disciplinary procedure is to encourage employees to achieve and maintain the required standards of conduct at work and even in well-run businesses, it may sometimes be necessary to take disciplinary action against employees. It’s crucial that you have written disciplinary rules and procedures. If problems do arise, these procedures should help dissuade […]

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Beware of Bonuses Becoming Obligations

Within our Membership Site we have been celebrating the success of Anne, one of our members who has successfully negotiated a pay increase utilising one of the tools we provided.The discussion we had led to write about the benefits of bonus payments over salary increases.I thought I’d expand on it here to perhaps generate more […]

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Warning If You Need Your Staff To Drive!

In the UK from today, drivers found using mobile phones face 6 points, £200 fine with no chance of remedial course to go on instead of taking the points.It’s not going to take long before driving bans increase dramatically.This article from Auto Express lays out the changes.…d-200-fine-for-mobile-phone-use-while-drivingIf you have staff who drive to get to […]

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