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I'm Irene Conlin

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Hello, I am​​​​ Irene.

I am approaching 10 years of self employment and I've realised I would like to return to being part of a great business, being part of a team.

I am now looking for remote working positions to evolve what I am great at, for someone who cares deeply about running a great business and all that entails.  

At the moment I currently run my own online membership site - The Managers Helpful Hub.  The site now runs without much of my day to day time and my intention is to grow it slowly over the coming years.   

I have time on my hands and as I love working on different things (good job as being a micro business owner for 10 years means you cover A LOT of different key areas) , I thought to offer myself to other online business owners who would welcome ongoing support to free up some of their own time and headspace. 

I love where I am in my life, happy for what I have achieved so far and eager for more.



Sunderland, North East England, UK.

Words That Best Describe Me

Calm – Positive – Enthusiastic – Loyal – Learner

Things I Enjoy Most

Visiting my son in California.  Cruising.  Tweaking things to make them better.  Walks on the beach.  Eating good food, drinking wine or cocktails and having interesting conversations (fits in well with cruising!) Simplicity. 

In Summary...

I believe my journey so far is ideal for someone looking for a helping hand.  The possibilities are endless.  

My journey is summarised further down this page if you are interested in learning more.



I love people having a happy life, I like to help them to do just that. When tuned in, I naturally know what needs to be offered as something that would help. 


I love being online.  Researching, organising,  coordinating, communicating, updating, checking up, checking in, creating, plus much more...

Getting Good Work Done

Whether that is doing a task within a project, or running a project from start to finish.  Being left to my own devices or playing a part with others.


An unmarried teenage mother

1987 | I wasn't going to be a statistic  

Gosh, I was aged just 17 when Dean arrived in my life.  Quite unusual at the time being a teenage, unmarried mother...  He is 30 now and is a wonderful guy that I naturally adore.

Introduced to admin

1989 | First proper job

In 3 years I made my way from trainee to Managing Directors PA for my first experience of what an entrepreneur was. 

Joined an awesome business

1999 | Now I was in my element

I moved to the construction sector.  My role there developed from office manager to head of business support and then head of HR & training.  Over the years highlights included taking it from employing 50 people to 500, picking up business awards for leadership and people strategy and being voted amongst the top 100 places to work in the UK, twice reaching a top 10 position (a first in construction). You’ll know yourself; you don’t pick up award recognitions like that without looking after people as well as your customers.

Small is beautiful

2008 | Onto self employment  

Plenty of people thought me mad but 10 years ago, at the start of the recession, I left that job when I knew the business had grown to a size I didn’t love (small is beautiful in my world).  I set off to hire myself out as a consultant who helped small construction sector businesses with business improvement strategy and project delivery. I was good at this too, with one of my clients going on to win the best small business in construction award at a national level (whilst also trebling the size of his business, his profits and more importantly for me, falling in love with his business again).

Online world, I love you

2016 | Creating a business online  

Still self employed, in the past 3 years, I've had a growing passion for working online, so evolved into that space by creating myself a membership site (self taught, I did literally build it myself).  Recently rebranded (September 2018), my philosophy is to help managers have a better life at work (thereby having a better life in general). https://themanagershelpfulhub.co.uk/

Team working, I miss you 

Late 2018 | The next stage awaits 

I am now looking to add something else to the mix.  I miss being part of a team and believe I have a tremendous amount of untapped potential still to be revealed.  I am excited to see where this will lead.


I keep the agreements I make.  I can be trusted and  relied upon to do the things I agree to do, and often much more.  No micromanagement required. 

get in touch

If what I have written resonates, I know you’ll happily take the next step.

If you are interested in exploring a working relationship, please go ahead and choose your preference from these options and contact me.  I will be happy to hear from you.

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Irene Conlin 

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