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Dealing With Gossip In The Workplace

We have just released guidance into the membership area that explains how to handle gossip in the workplace.  Both as someone on the receiving end in general, and as a manager.

Gossip can be exciting and interesting. Sometimes it’s even titillating. Some would argue its fun.

And it’s toxic.

If you put even 5 people in the same BUILDING, you have conflict. And that tension also manifests itself in the conduct of gossip.  It kills morale and disrupts productivity.  And because it comes at the expense of others, it is unacceptable.

We know that gossip is on the cards when you get people working in the same space  and it’s reasonable to believe you won’t be able to get rid of it totally. 

You know that you are dealing with gossip rather that general information about performance or competence.  I’m not gossiping if I know something personal but don’t share it.

However, if you’re talking behind someone’s back, to someone else who doesn’t need to know the information, and while doing so you find yourself lowering your voice, you’re gossiping.

Another signpost.  If it’s something you wouldn’t say if the person was standing in front of you and they could see and/or hear you.

Stop it. It’s unprofessional.

Within the guidance we cover 7 ways to help you with this including some examples of “things to say”

Kind regards, Irene 

Irene Conlin

I founded The Managers Helpful Hub to help the courageous people who decide to employ people! I love the North of England, especially the coast and spend time cruising around the world on nice ships enjoying wonderful food, drinks and conversations.

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