Ever had the thought “should I be disciplining him/her over this?” – The Managers Helpful Hub
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Ever had the thought “should I be disciplining him/her over this?”

The purpose of the disciplinary procedure is to encourage employees to achieve and maintain the required standards of conduct at work and even in well-run businesses, it may sometimes be necessary to take disciplinary action against employees.

It’s crucial that you have written disciplinary rules and procedures. If problems do arise, these procedures should help dissuade employees from making tribunal claims and ensure you deal with employees fairly.

We will add to this section within the membership as more resources are created but here is a list of what is here already:

  • Managing the Disciplinary Process – An Overview
  • Disciplinary Procedure Checklist
  • Undertaking Disciplinary Investigations
  • Draft Letter – Request To Attend Investigatory Meeting
  • Disciplinary Investigation Report Template
  • Draft Suspension Letter
  • Draft Notification of Disciplinary Hearing
  • Disciplinary Hearing – Order of Proceedings
  • Post Disciplinary Hearing Checklist
  • Minutes of Disciplinary Hearing – Template
  • Pre-Dismissal Checklist
  • Draft Letter – No Disciplinary Action
  • Draft Letter of Concern
  • Draft Letter – Warning and Final Written Warning
  • Draft Letter – Dismissal With Notice (Misconduct)
  • Draft Letter – Dismissal Without Notice (Gross Misconduct)
  • Post Dismissal Checklist
  • Employee Disciplinary Record

If you work in a small business that employs people, do join our membership and you can access this plus lots more.  

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