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How Something As Simple As Dust Sheets Can Equal Client Happiness

If your clients had a better experience of working with your company, then I believe everyone benefits. Your clients, your team and especially you if you are running the business and are responsible for results.

My significant other rolls his eyes at me. I always spot ways in which business activities can be tweaked so clients are happier and companies (including the people in them) can thrive.

Let me draw your attention back to the photo above, taken on one of my morning walks.

Why do I think this is important?

Because the mess directly on the ground is unnecessary and is likely to lead to an unhappy client who may:

  • pick fault with other areas of the work they may have let go
  • withhold some payment until it is cleaned to their satisfaction
  • never use you again and never refer you to other people in their network (more likely tell people who NOT to go to)

At a glance what's wrong with it?

  • There is wood, nails, dust and silicon all over the pavement outside the clients property
  • Cleaning up mess like this takes extra time (therefore money).
  • The ground is going to mark and will probably need jet washing (taking more time and money)
  • The perception of the work being carried out is shoddy, to the client, to their clients and to the prospective clients walking by
  • no areas are sectioned off so incidents with the public (including children) could easily occur (this is a local shopping area)

How can it be fixed?

  • Come up with a process for keeping a clean and safe site.  Something really simple.
  • This will likely involve buying some coverings and safety signs
  • Instruct the team in what to do from now on and why it is important to them, the client and the business
  • Share with your client how you ensure a clean and safe site for the benefit of themselves and their own customers
  • Check the process is being followed during your site visits and feedback to site team the +'s and -'s

Results you could expect?

  • Less cost to cleaning up (time and financial)
  • Less risk of incidents with the public
  • Increased perception of "professional company" (as your logo'd van is often parked alongside the project)
  • Happy client who is willing to "big you up" to their contacts and may even give a you a testimonial

    There you go, doesn't have to be complicated.

    Do you have something similar going on in your business you just haven't got around to sorting out yet?

    You will need your teams involvement in this, you can't keep it a top secret mission.  

    We aren't just about helping with boring HR documents and such.  Our HR Support Service can help will all matters like this, important stuff that makes businesses grow and prosper.  

    Kind regards, Irene 

    Irene Conlin

    I founded The Managers Helpful Hub to help the courageous people who decide to employ people! I love the North of England, especially the coast and spend time cruising around the world on nice ships enjoying wonderful food, drinks and conversations.