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How To Plan For & Take Proper Holidays From Work.

What Is It?

An ebook for Owners, Directors and Senior Managers on how to plan for and take proper holidays from work.

We Cover

  • Making time for holidays
  • Planning in advance for time away and your return
  • Using this time to up-skill your team 

Why Do You Need It?

Hands up, who spends time on holiday so concerned about what is or is not happening back at work?

Checking email, calling in, taking calls, reading documents you didn't have time to look at while at work...  These are the main time and energy drains when you are meant to be resting and enjoying time away from your regular day to day life at work.  

The result:  family tension and/or no effective time off!!

Do yourself a favour, buy our ebook and set aside 60 minutes.  Get your tipple of choice, turn off all your electronic distractions and start reading.  Make notes, start planning and enjoy the thoughts of the future - you having proper holidays from work.  

Trust us, this will be a lot more cost effective and easier than a divorce! 

Your Guarantee

If it turns out not to be what you were expecting, you automatically get our no hassle, no questions asked money back guarantee.

For a refund, all you need to do is email support@theemployertoolbox.com or telephone 0191 5516817 within 14 days of purchase.

2 Purchase Options

One Time Transaction 


14 day no questions asked guarantee.

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Curious To Know If We Know Our Stuff?

Results achieved by people we've worked with:

  • Improved confidence and skills to recruit, manage and develop people in their team. 
  • Have team identify and deliver business improvement projects generating c£250K of savings.
  • Helped owners to prepare for profitable business sale.
  • Grew profit contributions adding over £100K for available dividend.
  • Implemented redundancies and contract terminations respectfully with no costly or time consuming tribunal claims.
  • Built a team that became local and national business award winners.
  • Created 500% business growth whilst increasing profit contributions.
  • Developed boring jobs into ones team members are happy to get out of bed for. 
  • Increased employee satisfaction rates within businesses - up 24%.
  • Have regular family time rather than putting in extra hours at work.

What People Say

Simple to understand guidance.  I've never yet had a holiday where I don't panic about what mess I'll come back to - now I have a plan, maybe this summer will be the first!

Carl Thompson
Managing Director/Owner