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Business success comes because of the people you employ.  A bespoke HR strategy sets you and your company up for profit and growth.

Are you a business owner, based in the north east region?

 Hands up, who wants to spend £70K+ employing a HR Director?

Of course you don't, and it's not the best idea for the vast majority of small to medium sized businesses.  

However, people are complex as any business owner - manager who employs staff, will know from experience.  

Running a business is a stressful affair.  So many balls to keep up in the air.  And so many functions:  Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, IT, Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental - and then there is HR! 

Instead of hiring a HR Director, consider a different approach.

An approach where we work closely with you to develop a bespoke HR strategy and people plan, created specifically to support and deliver your overall business plans.

Competition for good staff is more prevalent than ever and the constant need for those staff to deliver excellence for your clients time after time, means a planned strategy becomes critical to your future business success.

We help with this part of a HR Directors role, only without increasing your salary bill! 

How Will You and Your Business Benefit?

Businesses are unable to grow or become more profitable without the skills, knowledge and behaviours of the people employed in them.  Your HR strategy will map out how you will integrate four key areas of HR into your business.  Namely:


The aim - employing the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.


The aim - providing an affordable reward package that attracts and retains the right people.


The aim - creating continuous learning opportunities for your people.

Working Environment

The aim - creating a great place to work that inspires commitment and productivity.

Employees are ambassadors for your business - when your people give positive messages about the company they are helping to build your brand, create happy customers and make profit for the business

An overview of the process we will go through


Stage 1: Getting to know you

We spend time getting to know you, the business, some of your people, your business plans and challenges you've both faced and anticipate.


Stage 2: Draft HR strategy and fine tune until agreed by you

Based upon what we have found out about you and your business, we will draft a HR strategy we think would serve you well.  We will present this to you and review feedback to fine-tune the strategy to ensure it meets your needs.


Stage 3: Agree the action plan to take things forward

We call our action plan the "people plan".  There will likely be many projects that will take place to ensure the HR strategy is being embedded into your business.  These can't all happen at once, so the plan will prioritised.


Stage 4: The implementation begins

We don't leave you with a document and run for the hills!  Instead will lead and/or assist on project(s) from the People Plan.  This is where sleeves get rolled up and great work is done.  


Stage 5: Do you want our help keeping you on track?

Now that we know you, some of your staff and your business very well by this point, it would be a shame to say goodbye.  If we have worked well together, maybe you'd like to continue the relationship.  This is always an option.

By the end of the project you'll have

  • asterisk
    A HR Strategy that supports plans for a growing, profitable​​​​ and reputable​​​​ business. 
  • asterisk
    A prioritised People Plan covering projects to embed the HR Strategy into your business. 
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    Implementation support to lead or assist first HR project(s). 
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    Confidence you have the foundations in place to build upon what you've achieved so far.

Your alternative HR Director - Irene Conlin

With a history of working as a Business Coach and Consultant specifically with specialist contractors and service providers, in the north east.  Irene has over 20 years experience helping businesses to thrive through the people they employ.

Projects she has designed and managed, have resulted in clients winning regional and national business excellence awards.  


Here’s what people have said about Irene

Fred Hood


Got the boost needed...

Working with Irene, my business is now award winning and sought after as a specialist electrical contracting company.  We are working hard, but we are thriving.  Irene certainly helped me give my business the boost it needed.

Steve McCoy

Managing Director

Worked with us and our supply chain...

Irene's approach to helping people build better businesses within the construction sector has positive consequence for companies like ours who seek to employ only the best within the supply chain.

Lisa Stafford

Head of Marketing

Understands the job needed...

Irene provides excellent results. She takes time to really understand the brief, our marketplace and the end result we hope to achieve.  She works to the highest standards, is very cooperative and has the highest standards of integrity.

How much will this cost?

Project proposals are bespoke to your business so don't come with a fixed fee.  We can openly share that the lowest financial value project we've created so far is £6K and the most £35K.

This approach is not "cheap", but we think it is better than not investing the money, doing nothing different and therefore going backwards in your business results.

Invoices are issued to a schedule we agree in advance.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

If we have worked together for a day and for whatever reason you do not want to proceed any further, we will quickly refund any money already paid.  

Initial questions you may have...

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

How long does it take?

Does this resonate?

If you are still reading, there must be something in what has been written that interests you.

Owing to the nature of this work, I literally feel like I become a Director of the business I am working with.  I get to know the business, the people and where the opportunities for improvement are.

This means I don't work with more than a few businesses at the same time.

To start a conversation, contact me on 0191 551 6817 or email