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Is the daily grind wearing you out while you wait for the lottery win?

Do yodread your best performer going to work elsewhere?

Is there a problem person on your team and you've ran out of things to say or do? 

Does a bonus, promotion or salary rise keep passing you by?

Are important relationships being neglected with your work?

Are you doing alright but know improving your skills will help?

Imagine being stuck for another 1, 5, 10 or more years at work!

You don't want that.


The Managers Helpful Hub as the go to resource for UK managers.  
A small and supportive private membership that's a cost effective way to get professional support and skills development towards being a better manager and having a more satisfying life at work.

Why Should You Be Interested?

We can help to relieve the stress of being a manager and guide you to having a more productive and enjoyable time at work without the "Big Business BS!"

Hi, I'm Irene Conlin  

With a background in HR, training and business improvement of over 20 years, I've helped businesses become award winners, profitably grow and be amongst the best places to work. 

I want you to be happier with your life at work.  To help achieve this, within the online hub, I provide access to useful resources and offer you private coaching to help you implement any changes you need to be a better, and happier manager.  

All for a reasonable fee and on a timeframe that fits with a busy life. 

Who wouldn't want that!   

Results of People I've Worked With

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    Improved confidence and skills to recruit, manage and develop people in their team. 
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    Within weeks got 7 times return on investment of the membership fees, using some of the resources.
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    Developed boring jobs into one's team members are happy to get out of bed for. 
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    Built a team that became local and national business award winners.
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    Have team identify and deliver business improvement projects generating c£250K of savings.
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    Have regular family time rather than putting in extra hours at work.

I renewed the team...

"When I joined, some people needed replacing.  With Irene's help and guidance I was able to work through replacing people with new team members.  I now have the skills to recruit, manage and develop my team which make my MD's life easier."

Jackie Winship  Office Manager

Join and You'll Get

1. The Managers Helpful Hub Containing


Support from experts to solve your management related challenges.


Tools that help you become a better manager at work.  

Short Trainings

Easy to digest and actionable short trainings.

Check-lists & Processes

Download, edit if you need to and away you go.

Conversational Scripts

Extra guidance on how more challenging conversations may go.

Extra Resources

Can't find something to help your situation? Ask us to create it!

2. Telephone Support

There will be times you'll want to talk something through.  Speak to us privately about the pressing issue on your plate.  We will be there as your trusted sounding board. 

  We include ALL our guidance within the membership area, accessible 24/7, each designed to only require 5 to 45 minutes of your time.  

Remember your membership includes PRIVATE COACHING where we help you  implement the guidance into your life.
Here is a selection of what is available.

Plus over 100 discussions on most things management related.


Sign up below and you can start to improve the areas needing attention.

You can expect results within hours...

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    You come with a question - it will be answered.
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    You want guidance, a template, checklist or conversation script - simply download it from our private area.
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    A resource not available to help with your burning issue - we promise to create one for you.

I slashed our recruitment costs...

"In the Private Coaching section, we bounced around ideas which improved our recruitment and literally slashed our costs."

Jeff Hall  Director

Membership to The Managers Helpful Hub offers you an alternative to expensive training away from the office along with private coaching usually only available to high flying executives.


Review the benefits you're going to get ...


A down to earth sounding board to help solve your challenges within the workplace.  It's like having your own personal coach.


Grow to be a respected and competent manager with the guidance and tools to develop your skills.


Save time with the easy to digest short trainings and guidance documents.  Aimed to be read, understood and actioned by you within 5 to 45 minutes.


For your convenience - templates, checklists and processes to download and edit if you need to, ready for you to implement without hours of internet research. 


We get you started with many "what you could say" scripts.  A helping hand for when faced with the more difficult conversations as a manager.


Member led content creation.  Our promise that if something isn't available already to help you within the online hub, we'll create something useful for you within a week.

I saved time and money...

"I realise I don't need to go on expensive and time consuming training.  Resources and support are available as and when I come across problems.  This has saved me thousands, has taken the pressure off needing to know it all, making things much easier."

Angela Bold  Manager


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    30 day no hassle, no awkward questions asked guarantee 
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    easy cancellation if you want to, in just 2 clicks of your mouse  
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    option to add on more user accounts so colleagues in your workplace get their own private access too. £40 monthly, £400 annual each.

Pay Monthly

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30 day money back guarantee

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30 day money back guarantee

BEST VALUE: save £98 when joining the annual subscription!

Turned fees into 7 fold profit in 3 weeks...

"Although the extra money was great, it was going through the process of creating my own self development plan from the membership resources that has re-energised me into now looking forward with excitement to my work in the coming years." 

Anne Moore  Manager

give us a try!  nothing to lose and lots to gain. not for you then Cancel within 30 DAYS and RECEIVE a full refund.

How might life look when things improve at work?

Being with your family or friends?

More time and money for you?

Having more fun?

It really is like having your own personal coach...

"I was one of the first members in the  online toolbox and soon knew I had made a good investment.  An example - I asked if there was anything available that could help me easily produce an induction plan.  The team  promptly created a template that must have saved me a day's worth of my own time.  Irene is responsive to my questions and is my own personal coach, helping to hone my skills and see things from a different (often better!) perspective"

Ken Johnson  Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my employer pay me fees?

Sounds great but I don't have the time!

I have a very small team, will the membership be right for me?

I have had staff for years, how can you help me?

I want to join but I'm not keen on other people knowing my business!

What is your refund policy?

Other questions? 


 Or telephone:  0191 551 6817

Pay Monthly



30 day money back guarantee

Pay Annually



30 day money back guarantee

BEST VALUE: save 20% when you join the annual subscription!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

No hassle, no awkward questions asked.  Promise.