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Things That Cause People To Secretly Rant In The Office!

Whatever the industry or profession, if you work in an office there are some daily occurrences we can all relate to.

Whether the milk’s been left out of the fridge so it curdles or there’s a regular fork shortage at lunch time, every workplace has the same gear-grinding gripes that any seasoned office based worker will know all too well.

Here are some you may recognise:

Making rounds of hot beverages

As soon as you get up, everyone within 6 desks will stare at you with the "If you're making a drink, will you make me one?" puppy dog eyes.

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The next thing you know, you'll be walking to the kitchen with two handfuls of mugs and brewing up copious amounts of tea and coffee.

Be wary of how much time this can take you, before the end of the week, you’ll have spent 3 hours in the kitchen and had to stay back late to get that urgent task finished!

Someone else using your personal mug

Following on from being the tea mule, if there's ever a saga in the office it normally involves an employee using someone else’s mug.

Despite it being emblazoned with your name and maybe even a picture of your face (or child, pet or football team seam most popular), one of your co-workers will still take it out of the cupboard and use it day in, day out until they leave.

Having to bring in treats on your birthday

One that always brings confusion – why should you have to treat everyone else on your birthday? In return for slaving over a hot oven to create the perfect cake for the special occasion, all you get in return is a card signed by everyone you work with.

Surely this is not acceptable.

Having your stationery stolen

Whether it is your pens, post it notes or prized stapler. At some point you'll have no choice but to source some more, or steal back your things from co-workers.

The Noisy, Smelly Eater

Not in terms of hygiene, but the stench of the food your co-workers choose to eat whilst sitting at their desk. What creates a finer aroma than some leftover fish pie that's been heated up in the microwave?

But it isn't just the smell these eaters like to annoy everyone with – they chose a meal that cannot possibly be eaten quietly, hence the slurps, chewing and sucking noises echoing from their workspace.

Our personal favourite and bound to lead to an on the spot rant.

No paper in the photo copier. Need we say more!
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Want help managing those little office irritations? Check out our Toolbox.

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