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Would You Like an Additional Income?

We are growing a network of partners spreading the word about The Managers Helpful Hub.  If you become one, in return you get:

  • Recurring commission (currently 15% from every  successful referral you make, for the lifetime of their subscription
  • Your payments issued monthly
  • An open and transparent data centre to track your stats, your commissions and to access materials that helps you promote us

If The Managers Helpful Hub could benefit your business contacts, you make extra revenue by joining our affiliate/referral programme. and letting your contacts (who run a busy SME sized business) know about our membership site.

Our ideal clients are:

  • UK based Business Owners and/or Directors running a business
  • Employing up to 50 people 

What we think they want:

  • To profitably grow and be consistently improving their business
  • Relief from the headaches that come with employing people
  • Support with live issues  

A selection of problems they have that we can help with:

  • They recognise that retaining good people is becoming more difficult
  • Frequent, unplanned recruitment to replace leavers affects the business bottom line as the hidden costs of recruiting can easily hit £30K for a new hire
  • They dread the day their best performers are going to quit and go work for a competitor
  • They have at least one pain in the backside employee they wish they didn’t have and this is constantly brushed under the carpet
  • Budgets for training and supporting are limited, yet improved performance is key to business success
  • They can't afford expensive, away from the office, training that never seems to result in improvements at work.

There is no cost for you to sign up and this can easily become an ever growing income stream for you.  

How Our Referral Programme Works



When your affiliate account request is authorised, you receive access details to our affiliate centre within The Managers Helpful Hub.  You then share your link with your contacts you think would benefit from membership.



When we receive website visitors via your unique link, the software automatically associates that visitor with your account. 

When they go on and join our the membership, either on that visit, or on a future one, you'll receive a commission on their purchase.



When someone you refer joins The Managers Helpful Hub on subscription, you'll earn 15% not only on the initial sale, but also on ALL recurring payments they make to us. 

Example 1:

Seeing what a great benefit this was going to be for him at work, Joe  signs up for the individual 6 month subscription @ £390, from a link you had shared with him.  Each 6 months Joe is a subscriber, you'll earn £58.50

In year 1, you've made £117.  Year 2, £234.  Year 3, £351.  And so on for as long as Joe continues to be a paying subscriber to The Managers Helpful Hub.

And, that's just one account!  Let's say there are 50 people who have bought after you've shared our details with them.

Year 1 you've made £5,850  Year 2 - £11,700  Year 3 - £17,550 

It compounds without you doing anything else at all!

Example 2:

You refer Sue to us.  Sue is the MD of an architects practice.  She signs up for an annual subscription for 5 user accounts @ £600 each.  Each year Sue's business is a subscriber of The Managers Helpful Hub, you'll earn £450

In year 1 you've made £450.  Year 2, £900.  Year 3, £1,350.  And so on for as long as Sue continues to be an annual paying subscriber with us.

Now multiply that by 50 organisations like Sue's who may buy after clicking your links that share our information.

Year 1 you've made £22,500  Year 2 - £45,000  Year 3 - £67,500

Good going for NO FURTHER effort on your part!



We pay your commission on the 1st of the month, at least 31 days following the new subscriber signs up.  Our payment to you is inclusive of VAT.  We are testing our price points and the examples above are based on lowest price points available, therefore commission values may be increased.  You will still receive 15%.

Commission is not paid for any sign ups who request a refund during the first 30 days which is the guarantee period.

How We'll Support You

Your affiliate account (linked to The Managers Helpful Hub) gets you access to resources we produce that help you earn more commission and keep track of your performance.

Promotion Materials

Easy to use content, accessible from your affiliate dashboard.

Email Sale Notice

Know the instant you've made a sale.

Visitor and Sales Stats

See the current position of your account in real time.

Do you work for a trade association or business group?  

Instead of receiving commissions as a business income, you could pass on your commission as a discount for your own audience.  

Email  to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

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