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Are you fed up of poor performers in your team constantly dragging down the results of your business, draining your energy and raising your stress levels?  Especially when you are paying so much in salaries!

Do you have at least one employee who you: 

  • Would describe as a problem
  • Wish they had never been hired
  • Feel they lack interest or focus
  • Observe them making mistakes repeatedly

You have a choice.  Let below par performance continue to negatively affect you and your business OR purchase this training and get this sorted!

 You are not the only one who answered yes to at least one of the bullet points above.

We constantly see business owners who employ people not knowing how to, or not having the confidence yet to deal with poor performance from staff.

They think its just something you have to put up with or may fear an employment tribunal claim, so they do nothing and hope the problem employee leaves of their own accord one day.

 That can stop now.  You’ve got enough on your plate without staffing problems hanging over you like a black cloud!  

Business really is hard enough without carrying employees who are draining your profits as well as your energy!


How to Handle a Poor Performing Employee

An online training that helps you get people improving at work or moving on.

   Follow the training and you’ll create a robust plan for dealing with poor performers, which means you decide what is best for you and your business:

1.  they stay and you use your plan to work at the improvements needed, or
2.  they need to go and you use the plan to end the employment relationship.

Hi, I'm Irene Conlin  

The founder of the helpful hub.  With a background in HR, training and business improvement of over 20 years, I've helped businesses owners become award winners, grow profits and provide great places to work. 

That doesn't come without dealing with some employees who are not performing well in the business.  

If you join us now, I will be personally coaching you in this online training.

What We Cover Within the Training

  • What do we mean by "poor performers"?
  • Why is it important to deal with this?
  • Performance management: informal and formal routes explained simply.
  • How to have "difficult conversations" with confidence and ease.
  • Informal management route: a step by step process for improvement.
  • The #1 way to improve staff performance in a straightforward and repeatable way.
  • Formal management route: step by step process for results.
  • The pro's and con's to recording performance related meetings with an employee.
  • What if they mention the "stress, anxiety, depression, bullying, harassment or discrimination" words?
  • Where, when and how to use a settlement agreement (used to be called a compromise agreement).

You Get All the Resources to See This Through

Step by Step Process

To guide you this and every future time


To keep you on track and the right side of the Law 

Draft Documents

Simply download and edit


Draft "what to say" scripts to get you started

What you’ll have as a result of this training?

A bespoke action plan, for your specific circumstances to improve your poor performing employees, or to end your employment relationship with them.


Register now and if you later purchase, you get
2 months unlimited private coaching from Irene to personally assist you in getting your desired outcome with the people who are not performing at work.





Training and coaching conveniently delivered online.  Access at a time and pace that is controlled by you.


75+ VAT/month

  • this training plus get immediate access to 250+ trainings, resources and real owner/manager employee related discussions
  • new trainings and resources issued bi-weekly ongoing private coaching for all employee related issues you need to handle 
  • no awkward questions asked money back guarantee

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not dealing with poor performance correctly IS COSTLY.


give this training a try!  YOU'VE nothing to lose and lots to gain. 

IF YOU DON'T SEE THE VALUE for youR BUSINESS, SIMPLY Cancel within 30 DAYS and RECEIVE a full refund.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

No hassle, no awkward questions asked.  We promise.

 Do You Have Questions?

Let us answer those for you...

Will this training take a lot of my time?

It takes less than 2 hours to watch ALL the training modules.  There is prep work needed to develop and execute your plan.  Many people class this just as you would any other work project, and set a couple of hours a week aside to work on this until completion.  

Remember too that you ALWAYS have to find the time to deal with the problems generated by this person!  It makes sense to get this sorted and actually gain more time back when the problems reduce or stop!  PS:  We bet you spend more time complaining about this person to your friends or family over the course of a year, than the time it will take to work on the project.  

Will I get sued!?

Factual statistics actually show this is highly unlikely.  Saying that, our plan ensures you are staying on the right side of employment law in England.   If this does come up for any of our customers, we work with legal people we trust and have worked with when needed for over 20 years.  We have worked direct with clients for 11 years and no one in that time has ended up in a tribunal situation. 

Do I need to turn up to class each day?

No, not at all.  The training materials are pre recorded and are available for you right now.  You can progress through the training in your own time and at your own pace.  

Will you come to my office to sort this out?

No the training and support is carried out online.  If you’d like someone to come to your office to help you through this, then the fee will reach into thousands of £’s instead of £250 for the same result.

Will anyone else on the training see my information?

No, the private section we use to communicate will only ever be seen by you and our team.

Could I get ongoing support from you?

Yes, we’d love that. You can join our membership after this training and get the same level of access to Irene within the private coaching section. In addition you can use all the other resources we produce that helps UK business owner managers who employ people with the "people management" side of their role.  Lets face it, with salary payments likely being a hefty overhead in your business, getting this right is critical to your business success.     

Do you offer a guarantee for the training?

Yes, we operate a no awkward questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Simply contact  within 30 days and we will process this for you, without fuss.  

Why are you promoting your full membership alongside this training?

In a nutshell,  because it is better value.  If you are responsible for getting the best from the people you employ, when you are a full member you get easy access to everything we have produced to help business owner managers, alongside ongoing private coaching from Irene.   This is handy because, as you know already, the challenges of having employees never ends!   

Other questions?

If there's anything at all that you're not certain about, anything we haven't made clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact us at and we'll help you out.  

Or telephone:  0191 551 6817 and leave us a message.  

You could also use the chat box at the bottom right of this page.

Imagine what life will be like when you know how to handle these situations in future?

You’ll have more time to better manage the business and achieve your goals

You’ll have a huge sense of relief that this problem is no longer hanging over your head

You’ll have the knowledge and confidence to nip future situations in the bud, quickly and without drama.

Nice Things People Have Said About Working Personally With Irene

Working with Irene, my business is now award winning and sought after as a specialist electrical contracting company. We are working hard, but we are thriving. Irene certainly helped me give my business the boost it needed.

Fred Hood


I have hired Irene to work with us and a selection of our supply chain. Her approach to helping people build better businesses within the construction sector has positive consequence for companies like ours who seek to employ only the best within the supply chain.

Steve McCoy

Managing Director

 We engaged Irene to review and assist us in providing a fresh outlook to the way we conduct business with our clients.  In a very short period of time, the entire team are focused in the same direction.  We could not be any more pleased with the extra dimension Irene has added to our business.

Rob Johnson


Irene has provided an excellent and cost effective service that has given us access to a highly competent professional and enabled us to implement changes with minimum disruption that are now having a very positive impact across our business. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others and will look forward to working with her again in the future.

Paul Marshall

Managing Director

Irene's calming and professional approach and expertise have been an inspiration, she is down to earth, flexible and goes the extra mile to inspire and drive the team forward.  I unreservedly recommend Irene's creative services to anyone looking to progress their business.

Doug Glass


 Unlike some companies, who charge a fortune to tell you the obvious and, often, it's just expressing the jargon terms in vogue at the time, Irene forms a deep and proper bond with her clients and takes a real 'hands on' approach to shaping their


Clive Belfield


Irene has delivered excellent results working closely with our own team and her advice and input has also saved us money along the way. Irene demonstrates a good balance of strategic and operational working.

Ken Parkin


We chose to work with Irene to help us drive our business forward during a significant period of change. She offers an external view which is very honest, creative, flexible and in a style that encourages you to want to incorporate her into the team to help the business be as good as it possibly can be.

Keith McDougall


 Down to earth and very professional , whether its HR related or “bidding” for work Irene’s help and guidance in business matters has been invaluable to us.

Del Phoenix


Irene’s expert knowledge, integrity, creative thinking will be a benefit to any company and I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending her.

Martin Kay


We have always found Irene to be highly professional and knowledgeable.  We would have no hesitation in recommending the services to anyone.

Gordon McPherson


 Irene’s individual personality traits are highly valued in business and she applied these traits through the delivery and application of her work. Irene’s business contributions and outputs were always professional and of the highest level of performance.

Dave Mellor

Managing Director



Training and coaching conveniently delivered online.  Access at a time and pace that is controlled by you.


75+ VAT/month

  • this training plus get immediate access to 250+ trainings, resources and real owner/manager employee related discussions
  • new trainings and resources issued bi-weekly
  • ongoing private coaching for all employee related issues you need to handle
  • no awkward questions asked money back guarantee 

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2 months unlimited private coaching from Irene.

As more customers sign up for this helpful training, this bonus will be reduced or taken out of the offer completely.